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smra Birdathon Rules

Here's a download of the 2019 Birdathon Rules

General Rules

  1. Record all the bird species seen or heard during a continuous 24 hour period within the Birdathon window.
  2. The Birdathon window starts on Friday October 4th at 6:00 pm
    and ends at 9:00 am on Sunday October 6th.
  3. Entry fee per team per category is $25 per person with a minimum donation of $100 per category entered
  4. Each team is made up of at least 3 participants and no more than 5 participants
    (Except to above is a two participant team birding one location and registration fee is then $25/person)
  5. All team participants must travel together in one car.
  6. At least one team participant must be a current member of Saw Mill River Audubon.
  7. The Birdathon boundaries are within the following six middle and lower Hudson Valley counties: Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange and Ulster
  8. The Team Leader must confirm the team's category selection by 6:00 pm on Thursday October 3rd


  1. Highest Number of Species
    Overall number of species seen within the 24 hour period across any/all of the 6 counties
  2. Highest Number of Species within a single county
    Highest number of species within a specific nominated county.
    Final selection of your county at least 24 hours before the Birdathon starts
  3. Highest Number of Species within a single eBird Hotspot
    Highest number of species within an existing eBird Hotspot
    Final selection of your Hotspot at least 24 hours before the Birdathon starts
  4. Highest Number of Species from a single point
    Using the rules of a "Big Sit", a circle measuring 17 ft in diameter should be drawn and all species seen or heard from within the circle, are counted This is ideal for those wanting to participate from home.

  5. If you need help building a team or selecting a category, please feel free to contact us at birdathon@smra.club.

smra birdathon 2019

Counting the Birds

  • This is an eBird Birdathon!
  • Send an eBird checklist for each location within 30 minutes after you finish birding that location.
  • Use the eBird option to share each Birdathon checklist with the ebird username: SMRAebird
  • Our Birdathon Compiler will tally the results as the Birdathon happens!
  • No updates later so accuracy is key before submission
  • All the usual eBird guidelines apply, i.e. extra info on rarities,
    max distance for a traveling checklist (less than 5 miles). Read eBird guidelines here.
  • A majority of the birders in your team (2-3 depending on team size) must confirm the sighting before it is added to the checklist.

Birdathon Registration