Lower hudson Audubon chapters

There are seven different Audubon chapters in the Lower Hudson River region. Below is a map showing their locations and a list by chapter name. Saw Mill River Audubon works together with these chapters on regional issues and events. We make referrals to these other chapters when people who live outside our chapter area contact us about Audubon membership, events or local issues.

All local Audubon chapters offer a great selection of field trips and programs to connect you with local birds, other wildlife and their habitats.

More about Audubon chapter membership

National Audubon members are automatically affiliated with a local chapter based on zip code if there is a local chapter covering that zip code. However, you are welcome to affiliate with any chapter of your choice by request to National Audubon or to support any local chapter with a chapter-only membership. (Not all chapters offer chapter-only memberships.)

  • If you are not sure which local Audubon chapter covers your zip code, try out National Audubon's "Audubon Near You" zip code search.
  • For questions about your National Audubon membership, email Member Services.
  • For questions about your Saw Mill River Audubon chapter-only membership or if you would like additional assistance with National Audubon membership questions, email our office.