Gaspé Trip Food Survey

Breakfast & Lunch Food

These are SELF-PREPARED breakfast items for the two mornings we wake up in the National Park cabins. Plus what you might want in your self-packed lunch. Plus your suggestions for what we buy for travel snacks.
Hot Beverages
If you strongly prefer a certain kind of tea or coffee, we encourage you to bring that with you for these two mornings
List what you need as far as milk/cream & sweeteners. Add additional note if you want more coffee/tea than indicated above.
Fruit Juice Option (For Breakfast Or Lunch)
Only choices below to keep it simple.
If you want more than two of an item or have additional option notes, enter that below.
List brands and flavors. We'll do our best to match. And how many you want.
Both for breakfast and for sandwich for packed lunch. How many and what kinds and we'll try to match. packed lunch.
Think especially about portability and feel free to add more types here that we should get for the vehicle coolers for driving snacks.
Cheeses? Lunch Meats? Peanut Butter? Other Spreads? Veggie Stuff. Let us know and we'll try to match.
Things like nutrigrain or kind bars or boxes of raisins or bags of nuts or small wrapped cheese or other stuff. Give us your suggestions here.
We don't have space to lay in large quantities of bottles and cans for soft drinks enough for the entire trip -- we'll be at gas stations and small towns along the way where you can make purchases if you want a steady supply! But if you have small quantity requests for when we are in the national park and/or other beverage suggestions, please list here. (NOTE that we will stop at the duty free shop just over the border where beer, liquor and wine will be available for your purchase.)
List here any other items that you'd like to include for those two park breakfast or that one self-packed lunch in the park OR for overall trip snacks for the group, and we'll do our best to supply!

Thanks for doing this...

...this will help us plan ahead.