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Lunetta Bag Path
Mr. Lunetta Explorer Bag patch.
Photo: SMRA.

Over 125 species of trees are found in New York and most of these are also found in Westchester County.

You can use the Tree ID cards in the Explorer Bags to learn the names of trees as you explore. Once you know that name of the tree, you can discover where it grows, how wildlife depends on it and how it looks in different seasons.

Use the links below to explore more about trees. Enjoy exploring local nature!

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top ten westchester trees

Here are ten of the most common trees in our area. Can you find all ten of these trees in your exploring? Use the Tree ID cards in the Explorer Bag or the Central Park tree link to learn more about them.

  1. Sugar Maple
  2. Red Maple
  3. American Beech
  4. Northern Red Oak
  5. White Oak
  6. Sassafras
  7. American Sycamore
  8. Tulip Tree
  9. Shagbark Hickory
  10. White Pine

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