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Quick fact: The word "herp" is short for herpetofauna, which is the general term for amphibians and reptiles as a group. Frogs, toads and salamanders are amphibians, while turtles, snakes and lizards are reptiles. Reptiles and amphibians are both "cold-blooded" or ectotherms: their body temperature varies with the temperature of the air or water around them. Repiles have scales and lay eggs on the land. Amphibians have smooth skin and start life in the water as tadpoles. New York has 84 species of herps (20 turtles, 17 snakes, 5 lizards, 18 salamanders and 24 frogs and toads.)

Check the web sites below to find out more about herps. Enjoy exploring local nature!

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top twenty westchester herps

Here are twenty reptiles and amphibians most often observed in Westchester. Click on the highlighted names for more information about that species. Note that links are to web pages from the Virginia Hepetological Society. Singing and breeding times will be later in Westchester County.

  1. Spotted Salamander
  2. Eastern (Red-spotted) Newt
  3. Eastern Red-backed Salamander
  4. Eastern American Toad
  5. Gray Tree Frog
  6. American Bullfrog
  7. Northern Green Frog
  8. Pickerel Frog
  9. Wood Frog
  10. Spring Peeper
  11. Snapping Turtle
  12. Spotted Turtle
  13. Eastern Box Turtle
  14. Painted Turtle
  15. Northern Watersnake
  16. Eastern Garter Snake
  17. Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
  18. Northern Ring-necked Snake
  19. Eastern Rat Snake
  20. Eastern Milk Snake

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