smra covid response

programs & field trips

At the start of the pandemic shutdown in New York in April, 2020, we shifted to online public programs and small-group field trips by registration only, masked and physically-distanced.


smra office

During pandemic precautions, SMRA office access is available by appointment only with an occupancy limit of two people.

We are following these office COVID protocols:

smra sanctuaries

We urge the following COVID precautions for visitors to our sanctuaries:

  • carrying a mask at all times and wearing it whenever six feet of distance is not possible from other visitors;
  • not lingering at trailheads and parking areas to avoid close contact with other visitors;
  • stepping off trails to allow other visitors to pass with six foot distance.

Help keep our sanctuaries free of litter by making sure your masks and wipes and other items go home with you. (And, of course, all dog waste bags also go home with you. Always.)