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Back in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, Saw Mill River Audubon began offering a Zoom interactive chat to connect the Lower Hudson regional birding community.

This Bird Chat now draws an average of 70+ birders and bird photographers of all abilities and experience levels.

In 2023 Bird Chat usually happens twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

2nd Tuesdays will be an invitation for bird photos and bird sightings shared during the Zoom from participants! We’ll send reminder in advance.

Upcoming Bird Chat Guests

  • Tue 8/8: Michael Bochnik, Rio Grande River Valley Birding
  • Tue 8/22: Doug Robinson, Ph.D., Social Life of Am. Crows
  • Tue 9/12: YOUR bird photos
    and your sightings
  • Tue 9/26: Guatemala birding

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  • You don’t need to have a webcam — or be seen — or you don’t need to have a microphone — or be heard — to enjoy our Bird Chats
  • You are welcome just to watch and listen on your computer, or even just listen by phone.
  • (Although, if you connect only by phone without a computer screen, you’ll miss out on a lot of the pictures and other visuals we usually show.)
  •  If you have never used Zoom OR if want to learn more about using Zoom, there is a LOT of help online. Here are helpful instructions for joining your first Zoom meeting.

What We Do

  • Some quick announcements from local Audubon and birding groups*
    * Let us know in advance if you have something you want announced.
  • Some sighting highlights and pictures from the past couple of weeks, often drawn from eBird reports.
  • A conversation guest or birding topic or birding hotspot focus for the next 30 minutes or so.
  • Your questions, comments, sightings and observations

Some Past Bird Chat Guests
past Bird Chat videos here

  • Joshua DiPaola, Natural Resource Specialist, NYS State Parks
  • Elijah Goodwin, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Ecology, Stone Barns
  • Chris Zumwalt, Local Falconer
  • Alan & Della Wells, Rockland County birders
  • Don Riepe, American Littoral Society’s Jamaica Bay Program Director
  • Tom Burke & Gail Benson, NYC Area Rare Bird Alert
  • Sean Camillieri & Kyle Bardwell, volunteer Regional eBird Reviewers
  • Charlie Roberto, Area Birder
  • Kevin McGrath & Steve Rappaport, local bird photographers
  • Michael Bochnik & Fran Greenberg, Hudson River Audubon of Westchester
  • Sandy Morrissey, Bluebird Trails, Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon
  • Joan Collins, Adirondack Avian Expeditions
  • Kathryn Schneider, Author, Birding the Hudson Valley, Co-Chair, NYS Breeding Bird Atlas Steering Committee
  • Barbara Mansell & Debbie van Zyl, Dutchess County birders from Waterman Bird Club
  • Tait Johannson, Naturalist, Bedford Audubon Society
  • Arabella Pajoohi, Eliza Wein, Adam Vinson, NYS Young Birders Club members
  • Scott Craven & Larry Trachtenberg, Ossining/Croton Birding