Book Club Oct 2023

We are meeting by Zoom.

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Nature Book Club

Come gather with our Nature Book Club as we discuss books of interest in the world of science and natural history.

Our Book Club typically meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm, once every two months or so.  You are invited!

Notice that we are meeting by Zoom and use the form here to RSVP and receive the Zoom link whenever you need it.

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past book club selections

Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald

Eye of the Albatross by Carl Safina

Leave it as it Is: A Journey Through Theodore Roosevelt’s American Wilderness by David Gessner

Artic Dreams by Barry Lopez

The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us by Meg Lowman

The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Caroline Alexander

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

A Most Remarkable Creature: The Hidden Life of the World’s Smartest Birds of Prey by Jonathan Meiburg

Birds of the Shore: Observing the Natural Life of the Atlantic Coast  by Jennifer Ackerman

A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul

The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman 

The Invention of Nature: Alexander Humboldt’s New World by Andrea Wulf 

Evolution of Beauty by Richard O. Prum 

Birding Without Borders by Noah Strycker 

What the Robin Knows by Jon Young 

Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted by Justin Martin 

Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert 

Essays by John Muir 

Sound of a Wild Snail Eating  by Elisabeth Tova Bailey 

American Eden by Victoria Johnson 

Ice: the Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance by Mariana Gosnell 

The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century by Kirk W. Johnson 

A View from Lazy Point by Carl Safina 

Underland, A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane 

The Moth Snowstorm, Nature and Joy by Michael McCarthy 

Becoming Wild Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace by Carl Safina 

Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees by Nancy R. Hugo, Photography by Robert Llewellyn