Youth Scholarship Application

youth scholarship application

  • Application Tip

    Before completing this application, you might want to print out this web page first and gather all the info and words you want to put in this application. Then return here to fill in and send the application below. You will need to fill it in and send it during one session.

    A copy of your completed application will be emailed you. You are welcome to submit an edited application if you want to change your answers after sending your first application.
  • Student Information

  • List above your current school. If you are homeschooled or have other schooling arrangements, list that instead.
  • List above science courses you have taken in the last two years with the final grades received. Note: scholarship decision is NOT based on your grades
  • Tell us above how you have connected with nature, science and environmental topics whether through hobbies, volunteering and/or participation in clubs and organizations.
  • Parent/Guardian Information

    By sending this application, you are confirming that the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) are aware of this application and have given their permission for the student to apply for this scholarship and to attend the program to be funded by the scholarship.
  • Program Information

  • Name of the program you want to attend
  • Dates of the program you plan to attend. Note that confirmation of your program registration is needed for SMRA to pay either the program directly OR reimburse your for the program cost.
  • Cut and paste a web link above for the program you plan to attend.
  • In your own words above, tell us about this program: its activities, location, leaders and/or anything else that makes this program something you want to attend.
  • Tell us how you would use this program experience to benefit others after you return home. What will you do with the knowledge and skills and experiences that you receive? How will you share those with others?
  • How much is being charged per person to attend this program?
  • How much will it cost for you to travel to/from the program location?
  • How much of a scholarship are you requesting? (While we don't have a set scholarship amount that we award to each student, we do have a limit on the total amount of funds that we award among all scholarships in one year.)
    Larry Light Scholarship winners are expected to present a brief (5-10 minute) program at Saw Mill River Audubon’s Annual Dinner the April following their experience. (We can make arrangements for the presentation to happen on another date if there is an unavoidable conflict.)

    Please have two adults who know you send an email to to tell us:

    1. How they know you and how long they have known you;

    2. What they know about your interest in nature and the environment;

    3. How they think you would benefit from attending this program; and

    4. Anything else they want to tell us about you.

    These adults should not be relatives of yours.

    Be sure to send them information about the program you want to attend when you ask them to be a reference for you.

    TIP: copy and paste the four points above to give them an outline for writing your reference.

    It would be good to have one of those adults be a recent teacher, if possible.
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