Classroom & Community Presentations

SMRA classroom presentation
Exploring bird feathers. Photo: SMRA/Pat Mutolo.

Saw Mill River Audubon offers classroom and community presentations about local birds, other wildlife and their habitats for area schools and community groups.

Connect your class or group with the natural world here in Westchester County!

Our presentations are easily paired with a guided field trip at one of our sanctuaries or another location of your choosing.

Classroom Presentations
Our classroom presentations are adaptable for PreK through college. We focus on habitats and species found in the Lower Hudson Valley. Teachers tell us that our classroom presentations provide an engaging link between standardized curricula and what students can observe in their own communities. Our classroom presentations include multimedia programs with hands-on activities and explorations of wildlife artifacts. (Our presentations do not include live animals.)

Northern pintail. Photo: SMRA/Sue O'Rourke.

Community Presentations
Our multimedia presentations about Westchester birds, other wildlife and their habitats get great reviews by area clubs and organizations! All of our presentatations are visually captivating and give audiences a new appreciation for the environmental beauty and diversity of our region.

Some of our most popular presentations are:

For grades PreK through 8:

  • Westchester Birds
  • Westchester Mammals
  • Westchester Butterflies & Moths
  • Winter Tracks & Traces

  • For grade 8 and older including adult groups:

  • Bird Architecture: All about Bird Nests
  • Birding 101
  • Birding by Ear
  • Raptors for Rookies: Eagles, Hawks, Falcons & Owls
  • Westchester Birds
  • Westchester Wildlife: Trends & Issues

more about our presentations

For your first choice of dates, please contact our office as soon as possible. We do not charge a fee to reserve a date. Once you have reserved a date, we will send you a confirmation invoice acknowledging your reservation. Depending on availability, we also offer pre-scheduling of a rain/snow date.


  • $100 for school classroom presentations
  • $200 suggested donation for community presentations
Underwritten by the support of our members, our fees do not reflect the full cost of our presentations. Our presentations can also be offered on a sliding scale fee to a limited number of schools and groups in proportion to your available budget. Payment is due on the date of the presentation with the exception of BOCES-funded school presentations.

Our staff Enviromental Educator teaches most our classroom presentations for children. Our community programs and some of our classroom presentations are presented by Anne Swaim, our Executive Director.

Class Sizes
For classroom presentations, we suggest a limit of 30 students per presentation to allow for a higher quality, interactive experience with a limit of three classroom presentations per school building per day.

Program Lengths
In general, we suggest a 45-60 minute length for most presentations. For more than one classroom presentation offered at your location, please schedule 5-10 minutes between presentations. We are able to offer presentations in both morning and afternoon sessions with a break to accommodate lunch schedules. We do limit scheduling to three classroom presentations per day per building.