youth & adult environmental scholarships

Students at Audubon Youth Birding Camp in Maine. Photo: SMRA/Lewis Lolya.

Saw Mill River Audubon offers scholarships to youth age 13-17 and to adults to help underwrite the costs for a environmental camp, workshop or class.

Over the past 65 years, we have assisted over 160 youth and adults with scholarships. Our scholarships are not awarded on the basis of financial need but on the level of environmental interest shown by the applicant through coursework and/or extracurricular or volunteer activities. We especially focus on applicants who will apply their experience in ongoing environmental education and outreach in their circles of influence where in local communities, school or work.

Youth Scholarships
The Larry Light Memorial Scholarship Fund for Youth was established by the Light family and their friends in 1981 and has been strengthened over the years with additional gifts from our members and friends.

Our youth scholarship is for youth age 13 to 17 who wish to attend a summer camp, class or workshop with an emphasis on the environment. Examples funded in the past include: National Audubon youth birding events, American Birding Association youth birding event, an environmental study trip, high school science research trips, New York Department of Environmental Conservation wildlife camps, and Westchester County ecology day camps. The maximum amount of our youth scholarship award varies based on funds available but has typically covered all or most program costs.

Applicants select their program and then apply for a SMRA scholarship.

Recent Larry Light Youth Scholarship Awards:

  • 2019: Erik Brodsky, National Audubon Coastal Bird Studies for Teens, Maine
  • 2018: Aidan Perkins, VENT/American Birding Association, Camp Chiricahua, Arizona
  • 2017: Hannah Mirando, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Young Birder Event
  • 2017: Max Kogut, National Audubon Youth Birding Camp, Maine
  • 2016: Mack Meller, National Audubon Youth Birding Camp, Maine
  • 2015: Eamon Freiburger, National Audubon Youth Birding Camp, Maine
  • 2015: Josiah Wiedenheft, New York Department of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Camp
  • 2014: Alex Chin, New York Department of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Camp
  • 2013: Anna Roberto, Minnesota Owl Banding Research Trip
  • 2011: Lewis Lolya, National Audubon Youth Birding Camp
  • 2010: Benjamin Van Doren, American Birding Association Youth Birding Camp
  • 2010: Sophia West, Fiji Marine Biology Study Trip
  • 2009: Kyle Bardwell, Costa Rica SMRA Birding Trip

We now have a rolling deadline for applications.
As soon as you know the event you want to attend, use this online application to apply.